Production Music


Since 2010, Elizabeth has published around 200 tracks on 12 albums. The following list shows some of Elizabeth’s favourites.

“BORN WINNERS” (2018 Score Production Music)

This album captures the true spirit of success and great achievement from all walks of life. This album is a contemporary mix of driving beats and strings, uplifting anthems and epic soundscapes evoking excitement and passion.

(2015 – Present - Boost Music / Poke Music)

A wide selection of versatile tracks spanning a spectrum of genres featuring “Fun Stuff 3” “H.A.P.P.Y” “Childsplay 3” “Merry-Twistmas” “Christmas Crackers 3” “Intelligentsia” “Life Stories 3” “Urban Architecture” “Cinematic Drama” and many more.

“STRING THINGS” (2013 Lift Music)

A very successful album featuring contemporary beats and strings. It has been used on many programs including Masterchef.

“CIRCLES OF LIFE” (2012 Score Production Music)

This album is tailored for nature / documentary programs. The music portrays the drama and majesty of the natural world with lush orchestral textures.


An album tailored for documentaries dramas and trailers based around classical / orchestral writing, with some contemporary twists. This album as well as “World Cinema” also published by BMG, have been well received by the media.